Music is everywhere with Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B)!

Sony Headband Headphones

Sony Headband Headphones

                Music is fashion, music is life!

Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B) – Black

Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B)

Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B)

Pair with your MP3 player, great for outdoor listening. The MDRZX100 from Sony is a new lightweight headband headphone that features a 30mm driver at an affordable price. Complete with a tangle free cord and with a choice of Black or White this headphone is ready for your active lifestyle.

Goes Wherever You Go

You’re always out and about and your music goes with you. But just because you’re outside, does than mean you have to put up with inferior sound quality? No way. These high quality overhead phones are made for clearer tones, deeper bass and better noise isolation with a choice of 30mm or 50mm drivers. Impressive sound wherever life takes you.

Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B)

Sony Headband Headphones (MDRZX100B)

Comfort is important. You may want to wear them for hours on end, so anything less than a perfect fit simply won’t do. You also want to look good but no worries there, as these headphones are all about style with slim, sleek designs that you’ll be proud to wear while waiting for a bus, catching some rays in the park or out shopping.


Slip them on and head out to meet your mates. They’re light, they ooze fashion and gel beautifully with your iPod or MP3 player. And with a 30mm driver, your music is rich and powerful, just the way you like it.

Comfort? Don’t mention it. Swivel cups keep everything safe and secure around your neck so you can move freely. Wear these headphones for hours and still want more.

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