LED Lighted Curette Earpick Ear Wax Pick Remover Tool

LED Lighted Curette Earpick

LED Lighted Curette Earpick


            A big store, also good life helper!!!

                             Price: $5.99

Smart design Ear Wax Remover comes with a built in light to light up the root canal of the ear while cleaning. You can even catch big ear waxes with its tweezer.




  • This Ear Wax Pick is simple to use, totally safe, easy to clean and reusable.
  • Earpick handle with 3 transparent accessories help clean ears conveniently.
  • Built-in LED lights up the ear canal and helps to remove ear wax safely.
  • Ear Wax Remover with two types of earpicks – thick and thin,.
  • The tweezers is equipped to catch bigger earwax.
  • LED Ear Pick with ON/OFF switch for easy operation.
  • This LED Curette is powered by 3 x AG3 button cells.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: ~13.9(L) x 1.7(W) x 1(H)cm
  • Weight: 19g
  • Attention: Please use it with EXTRA CARE as it may have the potential to puncture the ear drum while improper using.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Earpick Handle
  • 1 x Thick Earpick
  • 1 x Thin Earpick
  • 1 x Tweezer

 LED Lighted Curette Earpick Ear Wax Pick Remover 

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  1. Yen

    I would like to order this Led lighted Earpick, how much is for the shipping cost to Toronto and to Montreal.

    Thank you


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