Hot Selling! Love Your Children, Give Them a Starry Ladybird Night Light Projector!

Are you looking forward a gift for your children? Today we will introduce you a Ladybird Night Light Projectorwhich is hot selling in the recent market. This night light projector can bring for both your children and your family happiness and warm. With only $18.99.

Ladybird Night Light Projector

The bs008-A010 is the most recent night light projector in the Cloud B range. It has a cuddly body and a hard ladybird shell that glows reassuringly. Twilight Ladybird stars night light projects coloured stars onto the ceiling and walls of a baby nursery or childs bedroom. The ladybird night light gently transforms any dark room into a starry sanctuary, creating a fascinating atmosphere that will comfort and calms young children and babies

Ladybird Night Light Projector

The Ladybug night light is also an attractive decoration for any room. The light source uses a modern LED lamp, which are economical, without heat and unbreakable. They are powered by batteries and so are perfect for mobile use such as in cars, mobile homes or tents.

Switch between 4 coloured stars options: Projects 4 colors: Blue, green, red, yellow. You can select and project one of four different colors on your ceiling of stars. Sapphire blue is peaceful; and emerald green inspires feelings of harmony and renewal,ruby red offers a rich, warm feeling; yellow takes you a sense of golden and luxury.

Take a Ladybird night light projector as a toy for your children, as a tool to help baby sleep, or as a decoration for your room and your car. The night light will lead you to a bright future.

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