GN-4303 GPS Navigation Take You to Where You Want to Go By Short Cut!!


As we all know the shortest distance between two places is by straight line. But in daily life, we always take the roundabout way by mistake. Don’t worry, with our GN-4303 GPS Navigation with 4.3 Inch Touchscreen, you can reach to your destination by short cut in the shortest time. Good news, this GN-4303 GPS Navigation is now on sale. You can get it with only $59.99($68.99) which can save you 30% off.

GN-4303 GPS Navigation

This 4.3 inch GPS navigator has a stylish and compact design, making it ultra-mobile and highly portable.You can easily take this navigator wherever you drive to. The GN-4303 is with a Centrality Atlas IV Processor and SiRF Atlas IV GPS module . Also it comes with 128MB Nand Flash and the capacity is up to 8GB in the external SD card slot. All these make it work more soomthly and accurately. Also it is excellent in receiving signal, accurate position fixing provides you the satisfied navigating service.

GN-4303 GPS Navigation

GN-4303 GPS Navigation with 4.3 Inch Touchscreen, 533MHz CPU, 128M Flash, 4GB Bulit-in memoery ,Media comes with high resolution 4.3 inch LCD touch screen, very simple menu system and adjustable mounting bracket for maximum viewing comfort. This navigator have multi-entertainment functions. It can support games, movies,music ,pictures, and E-books.You can use it while driving, walking, riding or waiting for a meeting. The perfect “ GPS + entertainment ” function can make your life and work more splendid.

Get this GN-4303 GPS Navigation, enjoy beautiful music, viewing the beautiful scene out of your car, take the fastest way go to your destination within shortest time. No hesitation, time is limite

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