Choose 2012 best paper shredder for your home and office!

Forta 505SB 5 Sheets Strip-Cut paper shredder

Forta 505SB 5 Sheets Strip-Cut paper shredder

Choose a Good Paper Shredder!

More and more businesses and individuals are choosing to have paper shredders to protect themselves from identity theft and other crimes. Companies have improved not only security but also ease of use and safety. When choosing a shredder, it helps to understand what shredders do, what options are available, and what the different types offer.

This all new 5 sheets strip cut paper shredder offers secure, hassle-free, and reliable paper shredding for homes and small offices, allowing you to stay productive and efficient. It’s a durable and long lasting model designed for performance. It solid construction and ease of use will provide years of worry free strip cut shredding.

The best selling Forta 505SB 5 Sheets Strip-Cut paper shredder with basket now available with very cheap price $48.99!

Key Features:

Forta 505SB 5 Sheets Strip-Cut paper shredder

Forta 505SB 5 Sheets Strip-Cut paper shredder

Auto start: There is an auto start setting on the top of this 5 sheets strip-cut shredder, it allows the shredder to be automatically started by inserting paper into the shred opening.

Great Solution: The 5 sheets strip cut shredder features a wide 7″ paper entry throat, and a 11.9 liters waste basket. With the high security level cross cut shredding at the speed up to 9.84 feet per minute, the shredder can shred 5 sheets papers at the same time and keep your entire personal or business document shredding confidential and secure.

Humanized Design: The 5 sheet strip cut shredder has a plastic waste basket which makes waste disposal hassle-free and dust-free. In the situation of overheating and bin full, the unit will automatically shut off and all the fuctions will cease until the unfriendly conditions disappear.

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