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In recent, we made some open box videos as well as giveaways to the people who comment on our videos and we had a lot of fun doing that. The product quality was awesome so does the features , and we are very eager to push these brands to the people who hasn`t know us yet, we will very confident to see the upcoming results, now we all need you to do is to help a little bit more by giving us your valuable “like” and “share”, that would be thankful.

The first video that we made was Grablet Novus G2 iPad case, it’s pretty much one of the famous brand which is well-known by its “unmovable” feature, what I determined unmovable, I mean that the iPad will not fall again from your hand because of the  critical slippery problem, believe me, with this Grablet iPad case on hand, it will not let your iPad fall on the ground even you want it, check my video for the prove, and if that doesn’t sound persuasive to you, then why don’t you simply purchase one Grablet Novus case and try it on youself, you won’t be disappointed to the money by which you are spending for.

The second thing we did is the Maclove iPhone case accessory, I apologized for the technique issue in which has caused during the first 30 seconds, and if you do know, please do not hesitate to share with us how to fix it. The Maclove company is specialized by its high quality and style design iPhone case or iPad accessories, and since we are the biggest Canadian retail supplier, it was be a pleasure  for us to spread their amazing iPhone accessories to the local market, and by making people to believe we are as good as what the video says, we choose to show the items in front of the camera in the customer perspective dimension, if you found our product review video interesting, please help us to spread it out!

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