Belkin PureAV HDTV Antenna ON SALE for $2.99 ONLY!![Video]

Belkin PureAV Antenna AV48001

Belkin PureAV Antenna AV48001

Heard about Belkin PureAV Antenna? I remember that before I got this TV antenna, the first I did is to search the review on Amazon about Belkin HDTV antenna (AV48001) , the reviews are not as promising as the product it is sine it has some bad reviews, so I tried my personal testing to see what are the actual results, the result has shown positive on the two TV which I tested (1 TV 14 channels and another 6 channels), may be the signal reception can be varied depend on where you are located and what type of building that you are living with, I don’t know… but at least I know that is absolutely worthy sine the price has been dropped down to $2.99!! Have you ever seen any brand name TV antenna selling for 2 bucks before?? At least I don’t.

The reason why I recommend Belkin HDTV Antenna is not just because it’s cheap price, but rather the design, based on its description, this HDTV signal receiver is especially designed for the indoor use, which is fully compatible with HDTV, VHF, UHF, FM stations, and that can be either installed on both the desktop or wall mount up to your choices. The installation was pretty simple which took me 1 min, the Belkin AV48001 antenna will boost it up the local digital signal which allows you to access to more channels, without compromising the way how your living room look like as the tradition rabbit ear antenna. The AV48001 antenna features slim and flat design which fits everywhere, everything come in the package including coaxial cable, HDTV antenna as well as the AC adaptor, currently ON SALE on for $2.99 ONLY, do not miss the chance guys!!

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