Amazing Digital HDTV USB TV Tuner with Remote Control 82% Off At

Good news! Digital HDTV USB TV Tuner is now available at with only $32.99. Why pay over $80.00 a month for Cable or Satellite TV? Get a USB TV tuner, save 82% off.

Digital HDTV USB TV Tuner

This Mini Digital USB HDTV TV TUNER allows you to use your computer as a TV and digital multimedia center.The digital tuner ‘s Mini and compact design makes it easy and portable to take along with you wherever you go. Enjoy free air HDTV / Analogue TV (cable or air) entertainment whenever you like and wherever you go. No matter where you are, this TV digital tuner lets you enjoy high quality digital entertainment on your notebook or desktop PC.


This ATSC tv tuner features with Advanced TV Application, Digital Personal Video Recording,Time-Shifting and Remote Control.

You can watch free to air HDTV / World Wide Analogue TV on your PC, instantly playback or fast-forward live programs at any time you like. You can record your digital / Analogue TV programs into your hard disk, and play them back in full original digital quality! When you are not available, you can use time-shifting to pause the live TV, never lose the best plays you want to watch! With the bundled remote control, you can control everything including channel up and down, volume up and down, recording, playing and Time-shifting

Get the TV-Tuner-Sabrent-USB. Enjoy Digital TV anywhere! Watch 2150 Satellite channels on your computer. Enjoy Your Home Theatre Experience !

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