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Recently we have been doing plenty of activities and changes on our Facebook pages, we made some sweepstakes and 123inkcartridges coupon giveaway event couple months ago, the results seem very positive to us. What I determine the word “positive” is, it means the engament between us and our audiences, this is definitely a great deal to us because the reason why we are having our facebook is to provide a open friendly enviroment where people can share and discuss opinions and idea all together, and we had made it to now almost 4000 fans on Facebook, thank you for the gratitude and we will always make sure to improve more and more, with creativity and interesting contents, of course!

So what’s next? We will consistently updating valuable and sharable contents which are helpful for you, at the same time; we will have more “123inkcartridges product review” as well as our tutorial videos for guilding you key features to make sure you understand products better before making  purchases, with a bit sense of humour as well as our deep-in-depth review analysis, I will make sure that you won’t feel bored anymore whenever you are sitting in front of your PC, even now we are still in the learning stage for making amazing videos, however, that does not giving us any excuses for not improving, and we will make sure we will, all we need you to do is to support us further, that is all I got to say !

Tell us what kind of content that you wanted to read from us!!

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Please Like/share our facebook page


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