7.0″ Color LCD Video Door Phone, Knowing Who’s Outside Your Door Without Moving!

The doorbell is ringing, we have to get up and move to the door to see who’s outside and what’s up. While sometimes it just some promotion guys and someone who ringing the wrong doorbell. Do you want to know who’s outside your door without moving to the door? Also speaking with the one outside your doors? 7’’ Color LCD Video Door Phone can help you realize this image. LCD screen and hand free phone. You can see the person outside and speak to her/him without even opening your door. VD-WJ705C1 2.4GHz, 7″ TFT Monitor 300KP Video Door Phone ,with 6-IR LED Night Vision is the new product of 123ink.ca. Strongly recommend it to those homeboy/homegirl.

7.0" Color LCD Video Door Phone

7.0" Color LCD Video Door Phone


This wonderful product is a 7.0″ LCD CMOS color IR video intercom doorbell system. Adopting micro processing technology, this video door phone intercom system is durable and reliable enough for long time using. Also video door phone intercom ensures a stable good performance and digital automatic control. When the doorbell is ringing, the picture of the visitor will be automatically displayed on the screen. You can even communicate with them without opening the door at all. This video door phone system provides an extra security and convenience for you and your family.

Free intercom and night vision function, you can communicate with the vistors by two-way intercom or one-way audio intercom on day or night. Owning this 7.0″ Color LCD Video Door Phone, you can free yourself from worries. Also your family life will be refreshed. With the electronic lock function,you can open the door in the upstairs。If these are many rooms,this Video door bell is 1 to 4-8,you can see the vistor in any room and control the e-lock.

Shop this 7.0″ Color LCD Video Door Phone from 123ink.ca to keep your family and children more secure. It won’t cost you hundreds of dollars, only $89.99. Convenience for your home and free delivery. Fast delivery to anywhere in canada. It’s also a good gift to your friends.

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