Xitel SOUNDaround Audio Processor Unit-Truly Home Theatre Sound!

Xitel SOUNDaround Audio Processor Unit
Xitel SOUNDaround Audio Processor Unit

You won’t believe your ears!

Our price is $11.99 only

If the weak sound from your TVs built-in speakers are ruining your DVD movie and console video gaming experience, you can easily upgrade the sound with this Xitel SOUNDaround Surround Sound Audio Processor! 123ink.ca sold it at very cheap price.

There’s no need to fork out a bunch of cash for a 5.1 speaker system, simply spruce up your sound by plugging the left and right RCA audio outputs from your DVD player, game console, or set top box and then plug the left and right outputs from the SOUNDaround into your stereo or home hi-fi system! There’s even a headphone in jack on the front panel that delivers an amazing surround sound experience straight to your head! Feel the bass! The SOUNDaround Audio Processor Unit features SRS TruBass processing that lets ordinary speakers hit those low frequencies for subwoofer-like performance! SRS Dialog Clarity creates a virtual center speaker that lets you hear even the quietest whisper in crystal clear detail.

Don’t let a set of weak speakers ruin your fun. Get more out of your movies, games, TV and Radio with this Xitel SOUNDaround! Xitel Audio Processor Bring you the truly Home Theatre Sound! It’s your best  Home Theatre Audio Sound Processor. No worry about the price as the price is really cheap, Only $11.99 you can get this Processor Unit from 3CPS. Click Here to visit 3CPS!

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