The Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader offer you great reading expreience

Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader

Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader

Isn’t it a great experience using the Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader to read your favorite article. The Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader (Black) has a number of things going for it, not the least of which is its Wi-Fi connectivity. Supported browsers include IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Another great aspect of this feature is access to the public library for wireless lending. EPUB, PDF, and Text formats are all supported – whether the books are transferred to the device wirelessly or not.

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In contrast to its predecessor, the Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader is lighter and smaller, making it easier to carry wherever you go. The 6″ screen also provides the option to use two fingers when navigating the touch screen. This feature allows you to utilize scroll, rotate, pinch open and close, and secondary right click functions. Of course you can still choose to use the included stylus for navigation or hand writing. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen is an option as well. Additionally, a quick response virtual keyboard is at your disposal.

When it comes to the actual reading, the Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader features what Sony calls a “natural experience” display that’s easy on the eyes. The E Ink Pearl E-Paper mimics real paper, which allows you to read as long as you wish. And with the long-life battery that lasts up to a month – with the wireless turned off – you can do just that! Having enough reading material to last that long isn’t an issue either. The Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi Reader allows for content purchasing and sharing from the Sony Reader Store, other tethered and wireless devices you own, the public library, and online aggregators.

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