Our First Open Box Video in 123InkCartridges.ca YouTube channel!

Wow, finally we are having our first ever OPEN BOX Video on YouTube, actually we have been planning this for a long time, but we never got the time to do it, and since we just updated our web page and added an extra category “life & Fun” as well as the arrival of summer, so I guess it’s the right time to exploit the advantage by introducing creative summer item which is useful for the summer time, so here it is the video:

To talk a little bit about our USB fridge, just like what the name said, it is basically a mobile cooler which you can make your drink cooler, the design is simple and it is not complicated at all, all you need to do is to plug in the USB cable into computer device and turn on the device and that is it. Before I tried this product, I was curious whether the fan will create large noises since we pretty much don’t like noisy environment in the office environment but surprisingly it is not noisy at all, and the most interesting thing is, after few minutes, the metal plate starts to have some water drop, I was even wondering if I can use this USB fridge as my mobile air conditioner in my office, that’s would be absolutely awesome!

USB cooler for drinks

USB cooler for drinks


The only thing which I don’t quite understand is their minimum system requirements that they listed on the box, which I found it quite bizarre, what you suppose to do with the 32 MB system ram ?? And how come we need to have 100MB available hard disk space to make it work? Anyways, I am not a tech guy so I am not able answer such question, but as long as I can cool it up my drink, I will not need to go out and search for vending machine for the cool dink anymore.

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