MyFine 3-Layer Steamer (MFK-5K118) Get You Healthy Diet

As we all know steamers food is very healthy and delicious. So a steam pot should be a must in your kitchen. Have you thought of buying some steamers for food: a milk steamer, a vegetable steamer, a rice steamer etc.? That is really troublesome and unnecessary. But don’t worry, our MyFine 3-Layer Steamer (MFK-5K118) can meet all your needs. What is more, our 3-Layer Steamer can be available with only $29.99 which can save you times of money than buying these pots and pans separately.

MFK-5K118 is a very convenient steamer for food. It includes 3 layers and have high capacity which can put up to 11L food into it. The MyFine 3-Layer food steamer is a stainless steel cookware with plastic steam bowl, so you should not worry it is fragile and easy to be broken. What is more, it is with water level indicator and Auto shut off function which can avoid many troubles.


MyFine 3-Layer Steamer (MFK-5K118)

MyFine 3-Layer Steamer (MFK-5K118)
Product Features
11L capacity
8 programs
Pre-setting function
Digital timer with LCD display
Water level indicator
Auto shut off
Removable parts are dishwasher safe
800 Watts of power
Stainless steel body with digital control

With so many great features, this MyFine 3-layer steamer is the perfect addition to your collection of kitchen gadgets. Come to 123inkcartridges and don’t hesitate to get a 3 layer steamer to get a healthy and green diet.

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