Life Geek Fruit Powered Clock

123InkCartridges recently has a new category in our home page —Life And Fun,which offer our customer some creative and interesting small gadgets. May it will bring fun to your daily life.

Here comes a funny and eco-friendly clock which do not use the battery–Fruit Powered Clock

fruit powered clock

fruit powered clock

Simple Theory

This is a clock supplied power by fresh fruits and vegetables, sold $8.99 in 123inkcartridges now. This fruit clock is using the  micro-electronics technology and mix natural electrode potential from fruits and vegetables. And thank for the modern theory of electronic battery, only a fresh orange, potato, banana or other fruits and vegetables

What’s inside

The package including a digital clock, connecting lines, scotch tape, two test cups, four copper and zinkrod and a detailed introduction. Simply poked the connecting lines to the fruits or vegetables prepared in advance, the magic happened.

This is a really good to do with your children and give them a real lab experiment of natural power. Human’s intelligence plus natural resources would equal magic. That’s really cool.

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