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The Fantastic Star Beauty deploys projector techniques to show you the entire universe on your ceiling. Using just this and 3 AA batteries, you can enjoy an entire night under the stars. The star images are pre-installed and it shows approximately ten thousand stars. The colorful lights are combined with red, green and blue, with the main bulb being used to create the starlight. The constellations will even change slightly according to the time, making it a constantly entertaining gadget!


                                      Millions of Stars Projection, like a dream world!

Home star projector, the use of projection technology, will be attached map of the universe, star projector at your home on the roof, projector can be seen about 10,000 bright starts of the space age!


Powered by 3*AA batteries(not included)

Unit size: 10.9*10.9*11.6cm

Unit weight: 140g

Material: ABS

Package include: 1 X Fantastic Stary Night Light Projector

For Age 8+

starry night light projector

starry night light projector


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