60% off for colorful Flip-flop Slipper soft gel TPU case for iPhone 4G

  Flip-flop Slipper soft gel TPU case for iPhone 4G

                                              So cute! So fashion!^^

                   Lowest price 60% off!!!

Flip-flops stand for fashion, liberty, animation, joy…and you may even feel free and comfortable when you say this word. Summer is coming, and this iPhone 4 TPU case is exactly designed for summer use. For one thing, the flip-flop appearance is telling you to the seashore, to enjoy swimming in the sea and the sunshine on the beach. For another, the transparent texture of this iPhone 4 TPU case gives you a cool and refreshing feeling once you see or touch it. Today you only need to spend $3.99($9.99) to get one!

Flip-flop Slipper soft gel TPU case for iPhone 4G

Flip-flop Slipper soft gel TPU case for iPhone 4G

                                            Flip-flop Slippers TPU Case for iPhone 4 4G

It’s Made of soft plastic materials called TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) the transparent texture of this iPhone 4 Slipper TPU case keep your cell phone safe and protected in style with this silicone accessory, furthermore, it slips your cell phone in to add a splash of color and deliver instant all around protection from scratches. The last important thing is it allows easy access to all buttons, controls and ports.

Flip flop iPhone 4/4S cases and skins will make the perfect trendy addition to your cell phone. Featured below is a great collection of different colors. Take a look, you are sure to find the perfect flip flop iPhone case or skin for you phone!




Light bulehttp://www.123ink.ca/accessories-product/IP4G_NEWLB.html



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