What’s Wireless Power/Charging Mat Bring You?

Wireless Charging Mat

Wireless Charging Mat

Power-mat is not a strange words that some of us already used it to avoid the mess cables at the same time charging several device. What’s a charging mat? Good question. Powermat’s Wireless Charging System offers a clean, simple way to keep all those personal electronic devices charged, without a mess of cables. With the Powermat system, you choose a mat and then choose the receivers to match the devices you want to charge.

What’s the Wireless Power Mat Bring you?

Wireless Charging
Connect your devices to Powermat Receivers, and simply drop them on the Powermat to charge wirelessly, as fast or faster than the stock power adaptor

Use only what you need
Communication between the Powermat and Receivers allows the mat to give exactly enough power for exactly the right time. When a device is fully charged, power is shut off to that device, so no energy is wasted. If a device is used while on the mat, the system knows it–charging starts up again until you’ve got a full charge.

Slick Design

Industrial design is key for personal electronics, and the Powermat appropriately follows suit. The Home and Office Mat features a minimal curved design that will work in most any environment.

Powercube Receiver Compatibility for Powermat 2x Wireless Charging Mat (8 Tips Included)

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