What is an iPod

iPod is a very common term when someone is discussing various forms of portable media. It really revolutionized the industry of portable music. So, what is an ipod? It is basically an MP3 player, or a music player which is very portable which means that users can easily take their music and videos with them wherever they go.

The very first iPod cost right at $400 and they sold so quickly that they soon became the most popular digital media player. They had somewhere between 5 to 10 GB worth of memory.

Before the iPod hit the market most digital media players were way too large to be easily portable. The iPod came out in a nice size that made it very easy to take the device with you anywhere which meant that you could all of a sudden listen to your choice picks on the go.

There have been several different types of iPods over the years with each one getting slightly more technologically advanced than the previous models. The first one just played music. The iPod mini contained a small screen which could display the titles of the songs it was playing. The Nano was available in 9 different colors and shaking it shuffles the playlist. The Shuffle had no screen and has very little memory. It can only play music. The latest iPod is the Touch which allows users to listen to music, watch movies and download various apps to be used.

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