What is an iPad Good For

Apple released the iPad which is a special tablet with a touch screen. It may be classified as a laptop, but without the keyboard features of a laptop. But what is an iPad good for? It is a very versatile and portable computer that can be used for a wide variety of activities.

One thing the iPad can be used for is an e-reader. This is actually one of its most popular features. Once a user downloads the iBook app they can download various books that can be read on the tablet. There are several different providers where compatible eBooks can be purchased, downloaded and read. The high quality screen is also backlit with LED technology so that it can be read in any light.

There are also many different types of apps that are designed just for iPads. While there are many different categories for the apps, games are one of the most popular ones. There are many more games available for use on the iPad than other computers or tablets on the market.

Another great feature that the iPad has is the ability to take pictures or make video calls. The iPad has two cameras, one on each side of the tablet. They are also good for taking pictures or videos and then editing them.

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