What is an iPad 2

The release of the iPad 2 came very quickly after the original iPad had become very popular. What is an iPad 2? It is the third generation of iPad that has been released by computer giant, Apple. It is a very thin computer that is sort of a cross between a laptop, a tablet and a netbook. The biggest difference is that it does not contain an external keyboard. It is fully capable of doing most of the computer related activities that most people are accustomed to using a tablet or lap top for. You can purchase an external keyboard to be used with the iPad if you feel one is needed.

The iPad is a lot smaller than any other comparable computers. It is thin and lightweight which makes it a very portable unit. It can be used to surf the web, take pictures and make video calls. There are many more unique features on this versatile and portable computer.

The screen is similar to that of a smartphone and the user interacts by touching or tapping icons to perform tasks. There are also many apps that can be purchased and used on this portable computer. It can be used to watch movies, listen to music, read a book or do all the basic online activities. It’s a laptop or tablet and a whole lot more.

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