What is an Ip Address

There are many technological terms that can keep everyone scratching their heads and asking questions. We hear the term, “ip address” a lot, but what is an ip address? “IP” stands for Internet Protocol address. It has four numbers which range from 0 up to 255. Each of the four sets of numbers are separated by periods. Every computer that connects to the World Wide Web will have its own individual IP address.

There are two types of IP addresses: dynamic and static. Usually a computer is given a temporary IP address every time they make an internet connection. This is called the dynamic IP address. Web servers and other types of computers that stay connected to the Internet constantly have a permanent IP Address. This is called the static IP address. This way online users can always find the server.

To find the specific IP address for your computer it can be looked up in the Internet’s configuration settings. Windows will display your IP address. Choose “start” the go to the “control panel.” From there click on “system” and then you will see a tab labeled “computer name.” Once you click on that tab the “name” for your computer should be displayed.

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