Using Free Program to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer

One may have lost a collection of their favorite music from their personal computer and only left with music in the iPod. This will require them to have free program to transfer music from iPod to computer when they do not want to download expensive or any tricky software. This is possible by changing few options in their personal computer and iPod enabling one to use the iTunes used in the iPod and Window Vista or older windows versions. One begins by connecting the iPad to the personal computer using USB cable and this will automatically be detected by the iTunes. If one had not installed the iTunes, they should download the free program to enable them manage music in iPod. Cancel any attempt by the iPad to synchronize with the computer to prevent music deletion from the iPod. Launch the iPad manually by checking the manual music management checkbox that appears when one clicks on the iPod option in the devices panel.

At the bottom check the option called enable disk use, which allows one to browse the iPod like a hard drive. Eject the iPod to enable the settings to be effective whenever the iPod is connected to the personal computer. To be able to view hidden files double click on  my computer folder and on the tool menu select folder options and check  and apply show the hidden files or folders. When reconnected, the iPod is viewed as a removable device. The music file is located in the iPad-control folder, one can send them to the personal computer, having used free program to transfer music from iPod to computer.

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