Time for the Cloud Gaming ?

Traditional gaming mode will be trend to cloud model in the future. Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming that allows direct and on-demand streaming of games onto a computer through the use of a thin client. The actual game is stored on the operator’s or game company’s server and is streamed directly to computers accessing the server through the client.

Compare to the traditional gaming, there are some special characters that really attractive to the gamers. For example, some cloud gaming suppliers like Onlive, it just cost users $10/mth to unlimited enjoy 200 kinds of games. Only one computer with internet can reach all those games because of the cloud services platform, saving time on downloading statistics before playing.

To be honest here, the cloud gaming still has large room to improve. Such as the long picture loaded lag, low resolutions and so on. Moreover, it is said by Nvidia, one server can only supply for one single user to play according to the statistic center of Onlive and Gaikai. Besides, each server has their own CPU and GPU which may spends around 150w. In short, the cloud gaming does not have too much gaming resource so far, and high watt consumption is a barrier to the high efficiency.

In the near future, the cloud gaming suppliers would bring large amount of top cloud gaming service with high quality console games, and through several kinds of platform. Such as smart phones, tablets, televisions or PC; connect to the hot games in the world anywhere anytime. The cloud technology will permit developer save the game progress easily in the future; also allow users to reach other users from world playing multiply on the different equipments.

Although there is much restriction of the cloud gaming, but the convenience still make users expected to it. Especially for the mobile equipment with limited storage space, cloud gaming is no doubt the best way to cover this short. Plus the more and more popularity of, such as the Onlive and Gaikai, cloud gaming server companies nowadays, which must be a new main trends in the future?

Of course, that must be a far far way to go and the wire speed would is the key point of cloud gaming. Anyway, we are looking forward it.

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