Save Space, Money and Effort with Powermat 2X Portable Mat & Powercube

Good news! Powermat 2x Wireless Charging Mat with Powercube
is available at with lowest price in all Canada Only $49.99.

Why do we choose powermat wireless charger?
1.Fast charge times ;
2.Battery charges phones away from power outlets;
3.Sophisticated portable design;
4.Accommodates many types of devices;
5.Easy setup

The Powermat 2x Portable Mat & Powercube  can save you space, take you convenience and offer you endless enjoy. You can charge your electronic devices anywhere anytime you want,the premise is the PM-M2P-B1CA1 should be with you. With this wireless charger, you don’t need to be bothered by the messy complex cords and cables.

The Powermat 2x Portable Mat & Powercube uses induction technology to charge cellphones and other portable electronics without wires. The price of PM-M2P-B1CA1 is very competitive compared with other similar products. But what makes up for the difference is with it’s fast charging times and greater compatibility.

The powermat wireless charger is applicable to the consumer who has the need to charge multiple electronic devices, or who requires an additional secondary charging station. Just as reliable and compatible as its previous counterparts, it comes included with a 100-240 VAC Power supply, a universal Powercube receiver, and 8 receiver tips to allow for instantaneous use, for the consumer to eliminate the clutter of multiple cords and need for a lot of plugs.

Don’t hesitate and come to to get one PM-M2P-B1CA1 for your electronic devices. By only purchase one powermat 2x Wireless Charging Mat with Powercube, free shipping can be enjoyed.

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