Powerful powermat 2x Wireless Charging Mat with Powercube





Simplify the way you charge your devices with the Powermat 2X Wireless Charging Mat with Powercube $49.99 on sale. The Powermat efficiently charges two devices simultaneously, reducing clutter. Simply replace the battery door on your cellular device with the Powermat receiver and place it on the Powermat to charge it. The Powermat 2X Wireless Charging Mat is compatible with an array of phones by Apple, BlackBerrys, HTC and more. The included Powercube comes with 8 tips so you can charge hundreds of other devices.



The Powermat 2X Wireless Charging Mat with Powercube Features:

1. The PowerMat is able charges two devices simultaneously using only one wire, reducing clutter

2. Compatible with an array of phones including those made by Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung and more

3. Included Powercube comes with a storage container for 8 adapter tips and let’s you charge devices with the following connections: Mini-USB, Micro-USB, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP

4. Indicator lights let you know that your device is charging

5. When a device is fully charged, power is automatically shut off to that device, preventing overcharging

We offer free shipping for order over $49 Applicable to the consumer who has the need to charge multiple electronic devices, or who requires an additional secondary charging station. If you’re interested in our products, don’t forget to visit our homepage 123ink.ca for more items may meet your needs.

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