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Hello 123InkCartridges Blog Readers,

Recently we have been working on new features/updates for our web page, the changes are awesome and very user friendly. Compared to the previous version, our search engine are much stronger than before, now we even got “customer also buy”, “recommendation products” as well as  “wishlist” features that we got requested from our customers, with these new awesome features, we ensure our page will deliver you an everlasting shopping experience that you will never had, and if you could just spare some minutes to visit our page by entering, that will be a great reward for us, the new feature lists are presented at the following:

(1) “Montreal Metro station depanneur pickup” project support (Other metro coming soon) metro pick up order metro pick up order


(2) Bigger homepage promotion picture, for monthly promotional flyer, please check 123inkcartridges promotion for cheaper deal and information

(3) Added “Life and Fun” to the first level of catalog menu

life and fun in 123inkcartridges

life and fun in 123inkcartridges

(4) Search function user friendly enhancement. search search

(5) Change the way of listing sub categories

(6) Add group filtering options for leaf category

(7) Bigger product picture in product detail page

(8) Add “You may also be interested to buy (same other cx also buy data)” items to the bottom of shopping cart

(9) Add “Facebook like button with like counts” to the bottom of page. You can also view our FACEBOOK page by clicking HERE

123inkcartridges products

123inkcartridges products

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