Multi-color Eco iPad Speaker Stand! would like to recommend a creative ipad accessory to all the ipad fans. Namely our new arrival ipad speaker stand for iPad 2 and New iPad. Cheap price $11.99 only.

Horn Speaker Stand

Horn Speaker Stand

The iPad horn speaker is a safer way to listen to music and cycle. This attachable speaker amplifies sound from your device by up to 13 decibels letting you listen to your favourite songs without being isolated from other surrounding sounds, significantly reducing any chance of accidents. This is an entirely battery and electricity free device, simply attaching to your iPad! Much Eco as you can image.

Also, Horn Speaker Stand is a good way to extend your desk space without take up too much spaces. You can put it anywhere you ipad stand and it will just work as normal. Because it is a washable, dirt, scratch and splash-proof protective cover and speaker!

This cheap but creative speaker comes with different color, you can purchase more than one and change the speaker stand color based on your own mind. Check Here for the nice pictures and choose the one you need now. We will delivery it out within 24 hours!

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