Lowest price 16GB Wireless Flash Storage for Apple


Today we 123ink.ca are going to introduce you an 16GB Wireless Flash Storage for Apple devices which only cost $74.99 with Free Shipping offered.

The lack of any direct storage expansion in Apple’s iOS products has been one of the more enduring causes of complaint for those using or pondering on owning one of these devices. With the expanded storage HDD-WI-DRIVE-Kingston in hand, you will never need to worry about the storage problem. It add 16GB of storage space for more of your favorite music, photos, videos, PDFs and more. It’s also a great companion for Windows users on iPads, as it removes the frustration of using auto sync to view content.


Thought the storage is expanded, yet it is very smart. Also as this Wireless Flash Storage is wireless and Wi-Fi enabled, you can take your favorite media with you anywhere and not be tethered to your computer. Just use your digital device as a player and display.

With the Kingston 16GB WI Drive , we can easily share our file or picture with two other people so you are no longer limited to the space available within your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Whether at home, by the pool or on the road, Wi-Drive lets you take more content with you without running out of storage space. Just back-up your files before you go and wirelessly access them from Wi-Drive when you need them.

To know more information about our Kingston 16GB WI Drive – Wireless Flash Storage, please come to 123ink.ca. More surprises are waiting for you.

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