Is There a Difference Between DVI-D and DVI-I

While thinking about using or buying a digital port for your monitor for having the full entertainment and fun of real HD you must think about the DVI ports of present modern technology which are very famous in present days. The DVI stands for the Digital Video Interface and moreover you can find mainly two types or variance in modern DVI ports. They are the DVI-D and the DVI-I ports. The extra D stands for the digital and the extra I stand for the integrator. Though both of the digital ports are very famous for their better quality and for the HD display look of monitors but there are also some differences can found among them and the main difference between DVI-D and DVI-I is that the DVI-I can use in both analog and digital systems but the DVI-D is only for the digital ports and you cannot use for the analog ports and monitors. Again, the digital one or the DVI-D is very high resolution supporting but the DVI-I not like that as many people are using it for converting the analog to digital resolution in their monitors but both of the ports have great impact in present market of technology.

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