Is There a Difference Between DVI and VGA

Computer has too many main parts like motherboard, monitor, ram and graphics. Among them the monitor is an important one it is connected with the graphics of a computer. It is the display with provides the video output of the work you are doing in the computer. Moreover, there are mainly two types of video output ports in a monitor and these are the DVI and VGA ports. Among them the DVI is a digital one which is very famous and the VGA is an old one which is the base of graphics ports. The DVI stands for the digital video interface and the VGA stands for the analog video ports. Difference between DVI and VGA can describe by the name which means the DVI is a digital one and the VGA is an analog one. If you are thinking about the HD and HQ video quality then the DVI is must for you and this one that is accepting by almost all the computer users in present days. And if you are using the old VGA or analog ports then you must change them for a good quality display. The VGA is mainly for the CRT monitors and the DVI for LCD and LED.

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