Is There a Difference Between DVI and VGA Quality

As the world is getting very fashionable in present days, the modern science has invented too many things for the better life style of people. The replacing of CRT with the LCD and LED is the biggest example for this and not only for the home TVs but also for the computers it is true as people are more like to use the LCD or LED monitors rather than using the old CRT. Again they are also tensed about its quality and display quality as the good and HD quality becomes a basic need for the computer users. That’s why old VGA ports are replacing by the new digital DVI ports as the DVI ports are more useful to give the best display quality. While using both of the DVI and VGA cables and ports you can see difference between DVI and VGA quality as the VGA cables are not likely to give the best picture quality and the DVI cables are very useful for the best HD and HQ quality pictures. Again, the audio and video quality of a VGA port or cable is not that good and a computer user must have to say that the DVI is the best.

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