Is There a Difference Between DVI and Analog

Computer is the biggest invention of modern science and it works with a large number of functions. Moreover it depends on some special parts which are known as the base of it and among them the monitor is a common which based on the graphical output of a computer. The port using for connecting a monitor is connected with the graphical port of motherboard. Moreover, some varieties can also found in this port by the blessing of modern science. In the past, the ports that were using were the analog which also known as the VGA or video graphics array ports. These ports were made especially for the CRT monitors as the CRT monitors has only VGA cables. But in present world the markets are full with the DVI or digital video interface which is using for HD and HQ monitors. The main difference between DVI and analog is that the DVI is the digital one with full HD quality picture and the VGA is the analog one with low quality than the digital one. As almost all the monitors are LCD and LED in present days, the uses of the DVI is increasing high and high with every passing day.

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