iPad 2 Cases That Work with Smart Cover

The smart cover is one of Apple’s newest inventions. It is designed to protect the screen portion of the iPad 2. This leaves the rest of the computer virtually unprotected. There are many who are wondering if there are any iPad 2 cases that work with smart cover so that the entire computer is protected.

Most of the iPad bags do not have any trouble carrying the iPad with the smart cover attached. But many would like to know which form fitting cases, protective films and carrying sleeves will work with the smart cover instead of against it.

The Marware Microshell iPad 2 case will protect the iPad and it has a special cut away on the left side that is specifically designed to fit the smart cover. It is stylish and comes in several color choices. The WaterField iPad slip case is a sleeve that is waterproof and easily slips over the smart cover and iPad. It fits the device very well and is available in lots of different colors.

AviiQ has a Smart Case that is designed specifically for using with the iPad and smart cover. This is an aluminum shell available in bright colors. It fits perfectly over the iPad with the smart cover attached.

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