How to Use iPhone as a Modem

One of the intriguing things about an iPhone is that if you cannot find a hotspot for a Wi-Fi connection the iPhone can be used to make the internet connection. This leads us to the question of how to use iPhone as a modem. This is a relatively simple process.

First you will need to click the icon on the iPhone that is labeled, “settings.” Usually this icon is on the first page but it may be located elsewhere if you have moved it. In settings, click the icon labeled, “General” and then click on “settings.” You should then be able to select the option of “Network.” After you click the network icon you will click “Personal Hotspot.” You will then see the slider with which you can turn this option on. Slide the button over to the “on” position.

You will then need to make a choice for your particular connection. You can connect using Bluetooth technology by pairing the device with your computer, or plug the iPhone into the USB port and use it to get online. If your computer has the latest version of iTunes the iPhone 4 will provide the modem by which you will be able to access the internet.

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