How to Use an iPod Nano

An iPod nano is a multi-touch media play that is produced by Apple. Currently in its sixth generation, its standard model is 1.54 inches and square in shape. It has many supporting systems and applications that include a pedometer, an FM radio, iTunes, various clock faces, and Voiceover among others. There are manuals that instruct users on how to use an iPod nano. These instructions cover every aspect of the iPod nano. A summary is given below.

Music on the iPod nano may be organized and played according to the user’s preferences by tapping the touch screen. The categorized music may be used during different workouts that may include running and walking. This is done by making use of the built-in clips to attach the iPod nano anywhere on an outfit thus making it portable and convenient. Its in-built pedometer may be used to gather data during a workout and the data is subsequently uploaded to the Nike+ website to enable the user make personal fitness goals and chart their progress. There are different clock faces available for use in the iPod nano and they may be chosen based on the mood of the user. Tapping on Genius enables the user access an application that enables the combination of music based on how well they combine. One can tap on the FM radio controls to display the program, song, or artist playing. Instructions on how to use an iPod nano also contain Voiceover instructions which enable audio and visual descriptions of items being touched for the disabled users.

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