How to Unsync an iPod

An iPod is a small, portable media player that enables the user to use and manage their audio, visual, as well as their audio-visual files. It is a product made by the Apple Company located in the US. Each iPod is normally automatically synchronized to the iTunes library of the computer it is originally connected to. However, due to the likelihood of the user using more than one computer to load their digital media onto their iPod, it is imperative that they know how to unsync an iPod to enable manual media management.

The process of how to unsync an iPod is relatively simple. When the iPod is connected to the computer being used via a USB cable, the iTunes application is opened either automatically or manually. When an alert box appears with a message that indicates that the iPod is synced with another computer, the CANCEL option is chosen. The Summary tab at the left side of the iTunes interface should subsequently be selected. The user should select the “Manually manage Music and Videos” option and click on “OK” in the window that appears, and then select the “APPLY” option. The apply option ensures that the automatic synchronization of the iPod to the iTunes computer library is no longer applicable.

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