How to Unlock Your iPod Touch 4G

There are some very easy steps to be taken for those who want to learn how to unlock your iPod touch 4G. Always make sure that you have already synced the iPod with iTunes using your computer before beginning the jailbreaking process. After your device is jailbroke you will be able to install software and apps from a third-party store. You can unlock the iPod Touch without losing all of your stored files.

On the home screen on the iPod tap the icon for the browser, “Safari.” Go to the JailbreakMe site and find the listing for the Cydia app store. Locate the “free” button and click on it. The text will change to “Install” and then click it again. This will download Cydia to the iPod Touch. After it has completed the installation process tap the button labeled “Cydia.”

There will be a dialogue box that pops up and requests that you update the application you are downloading. Go ahead and tap the button that says, “complete upgrade.” This will download the latest available version of Cydia onto the iPod touch. The device will reboot and it will be unlocked and ready for you to begin using once again.

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