How to Unlock My Phone

Many of us have been in a situation where we are traveling a lot and want to avoid roaming fees. My primary goal when I am in this kind of situation is to learn how to unlock my phone. Who hasn’t purchased a phone only to find out that their new phone will not work with their cell phone’s service network? There is another option if you have a GMS locked phone. You can obtain the free code which can unlock cell phones. Then after you get the phone unlocked, you can put a new GMS sim card in for the new provider. This is handy for those who travel especially.

Go online to and find your cell number. You will need the IMEI number for your phone; this is found underneath the battery. After you get the code and the instructions you can use it to unlock the phone. The cell phone will then be compatible with GMS services and most of the U.S. service providers.

For some of the major cell phones like Nokia there is free software available that will supply unlock codes for most of their phones. The unlock codes for Nokia phones can be found at

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