How to Unlock iPod Touch Without Password

There is a feature on the iPod Touch that allows the user to lock the screen. This is done by selecting and typing in a four digit combination. This will prevent other people from being able to use the device and your information. The trouble is when you forget what passcode was used. Then you need to know how to unlock iPod Touch without password. There is a simple way to accomplish this so that you can select a password with digits that you can remember more easily.

First you will need to use the standard USB cable and connect the iPod to the computer. iTunes will open up immediately when you connect the device and the computer. It will go ahead and automatically sync the device too. Do not interrupt this process. Just wait until it has completed. Then you can click on the “eject” button that is located right beside the icon for your iPod. After you hit the eject button it is safe to disconnect the iPod from the computer. It will already be turned on and it will also be unlocked. Go back through the general menu to change your passcode to a number you can remember.


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