How to Unlock iPod Touch when Disabled

There are various ways on how to unlock iPod touch when disabled. One of these ways involves the use of the versatile iTunes application. In this case, the iPod touch is connected to the computer while in recovery mode causing the deletion of all the information on the iPod touch. This enables the user recover their password as well as all other pertinent files via iTunes. Alternatively, the users can use the reset settings via iTunes and reset the iPod touch passwords. Windows Vista application may also be used under the Device option to rename the locked file name of the iPod touch to unlocked.

Another way on how to unlock iPod touch when disabled is through the use of a jailbreak matrix. The matrix allows for the selection of the right unlocking software for a specific device (in this case the iPod touch).This allows user to obtain software to download and install the software and launch the applications necessary. The connected iPod touch is then connected to the computer via a USB cable and taken through a systematic process that enables it to be unlocked. After the unlocking the iPod touch may be used without any problems.

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