How to Unlock iPod Touch Passcode

The latest generations of iPods have a very useful feature called a passcode. This is handy because it allows users to lock the device so that others cannot gain access to their personal information. The trouble comes when a user cannot remember what the right code is. Then they are locked out of the device as well. But there are ways to learn how to unlock iPod Touch passcode that will allow users access back into their iPod Touch.

To unlock the passcode just connect the iPod Touch to the computer with the USB cable. iTunes will automatically start to run. Once it is open on the computer there should be an icon on the left side of the screen that represents the device. Click on the icon and then on the screen that will be displayed showing you the information about the iPod choose “summary.” Then you should see the option to restore the device. Hit the button that says, “restore.” It will take just a short time for the device to be restored to the original factory settings. But when it restores the device the passcode will be erased and you can select a new one to lock the device.

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