How to Unlock iPod Passcode

The first generations of ipods only played music and videos. But now they have all kinds of applications. Since there can be some very important personal information stored on the device now it is important to lock it using a passcode. But what happens if you forget it and need to know how to unlock ipod passcode so you can access your device? There is a relatively simple way to accomplish this even without the passcode.

First you will need to connect the iPod to the computer used to sync it with. Just use the standard USB connection cable. iTunes should automatically open up when the iPod is plugged in. Then on the left side of the iTunes menu you will see the icon for your device. Click on the icon of your iPod. On the next screen select the “Summary” tab.  There you will see the option to restore the device. Click on the “restore” button and it will begin to restore the iPod automatically. This can take a few minutes to complete but after it is done the device will be restored to the original factory settings. This action will disable the passcode you had set and you will be able to unlock the iPod.

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