How to unlock iPhone passcode

The iPhone has a setting which allows its users to lock the iPhone so that other people cannot have access to personal information. It is important to know how to unlock iphone passcode so that you can access your own information when you want to and protect it when you do not want it shared. There are a couple of ways to unlock the iPhone passcode.

Locate the power button on the bottom of the phone and then press it. You will be prompted to slide the bar across the screen to turn it on and then you will be asked to enter the passcode or password. Enter it and the phone should be ready for your use.

You may also unlock it by restoring the iPhone. Open iTunes on the computer you use to sync the iPhone with and then connect the device using the USB cable. On the iPhone hold down both the “home” button and the “sleep/wake” button at the same time until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Then release the “Sleep/wake” button while continuing to hold down the “home” button. In a few minutes, the IPhone will display an message that contains an arrow pointing to an iTunes logo indicating the phone is ready to be synchronized.

Locate the icon for the iPhone located under the “devices” heading in the iTunes menu. When the summary tab is displayed, click the option to “restore” the device. When the dialogue box says “iPhone is activated” you can set the iPHone up again using all the information stored from in the last backup. The iPhone is reset and you will have to enter a new passcode.

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