How to Unlock iPhone 4s

How to unlock iPhone 4s is a skill you will need if you want to keep your phone and change to another service provider. The technology that restricts the SIM functions to your service provider can be removed and you will be able to change your service provider. As of November 26, 2007, this process is no longer illegal.  If you are able to unlock your cell phone you can not only change providers, but you can also list your phone for sale for someone to use with their service provider, even if they do not have the same service. The steps below are simple and you can easily follow them to unlock your phone.

You need to apply the ‘jailbreak’ process to your iPhone. After the process is complete, find the app labeled ‘Cydia’. Using the search bar on your phone, type in ‘ultrasnow’, or type in ‘’ You will need to install the ultrasnow app onto your phone. After installation, you need to allow your phone to reboot. This is a two-step process. Find the home button and the sleep/wake button on your phone. Depress and hold these until the phone goes off, the Apple logo will disappear, and the screen will go dark.

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