How to unlock iPhone 4s for free

The main reason most people like to know how to unlock iphone 4s free is because they like using the iPhone but do not like the carriers that support them. But when an iPhone is unlocked, then it can be used with any service provider. To unlock an iPhone is a relatively easy process and it is safe for the phone as well as totally legal to do.

Before you can unlock the phone you will have to jailbreak it. After you have done the jailbreak successfully you will have a new icon on the home screen that is labeled Cydia. This app is simply provided by a third party source it does not replace the App store, it is in addition to it and conflicts in no way. It simply provides access to other types of apps that may be interesting. Click on the Cydia icon and then search for “ultrasnow.” When you find it in the results, install it on the iPhone.

After it is successfully installed, hold down the home and sleep/wake button at the same time. This will reboot the iPhone. Keep holding these two buttons down until the screen goes black and then the logo for Apple appears. Your phone is now unlocked and you need only place a new SIM card in it for it to work on the network of your choice.

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