How to Unlock iPhone 3gs For Free

It is very easy to figure out how to unlock iPhone 3gs free. You will need to first update the iPhone’s firmware so that it has the latest version. Use either firewire or a USB cable to connect the phone and the computer. It will automatically sync with iTunes when it is connected. Do not interrupt this process. After it is synced then close out iTunes but leave the iPhone connected.

Now download Blackrain to your computer. Then you will need to transfer the program onto the iPhone 3G. When prompted just double click the “DMG” or “EXE” file. In a short time a button labeled, “Make it rain” will appear. Click on it when it comes up. The iPhone will reboot automatically. After it has completed the rebooting process you can disconnect the device from the computer.

You will need to run Blackrain on the iPhone. Make sure you can connect via a wireless connection then tap the new icon that has been placed on the iPhone’s desktop. After you select the icon you should see the “Blacksnow” option. Select it and then tap the button to install it. After it is done there will be a post-install log that pops up. Close that out and you are ready to insert a SIM card from any carrier and use it on their network.

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