How to Unlock iPhone 3g Without Wi-Fi

As nightmarish as being locked out from accessing your iphone 3G can be, that can be made worse by the absence of a Wi-Fi signal. When that happens it is necessary for the user to obtain information on how to unlock iPhone 3G without Wi-Fi as quickly as possible to prevent inconveniences. There are two major software applications required and they are:DiskAid, mobilesubstrate_0.9.3367-1_iPhoneos-arm.deb and UltrasnOw.deb files. These files can easily be downloaded from online sites.

The iPhone is connected to the computer and DiskAid is opened. The following folders and subfolders are then opened: Var > Root > Media > Cydia. If the Cydia folder is missing it can be created as a new folder within the Media folder and given the name ‘C’ in Capital letters. A subfolder within Cydia is then created (if not present) and will be named “AutoInstall”. The two .deb files that had been downloaded are then transferred and pasted to the address: Var > Root > Media > Cydia>AutoInstall. Once that is done, the computer is restarted twice. The iPhone 3G is then unlocked all without the benefit of Wi-Fi. This tip on how to unlock iPhone 3G without Wi-Fi is one that is very handy.

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