How to unlock iPhone 2g

It is a rather quick and easy process for those who need to know how to unlock iPhone 2g. It will require downloading some files but it will be completed in no time at all.  The first thing you will need to do is to download the latest firmware operating system 3.1.3 to the iPhone using iTunes. Then you will likely need to create a new folder on your desktop that is named “redsnow.” Then there are three files that need to be downloaded and stored in this folder. Download bl46.bin and bl39.bin bootloader files; and the Redsnow 0.9.4 files.

After you have completed the downloads use the USB cable to connect the computer and the iPhone. Now you are ready to start running the Redsnow file. When prompted select the firmware used for 3.1.2. After that, click on “next.” Then select the “unlock” option and then “install Cydia.” After this you will hit “next” again. There will be a popup that appears on your screen. It is a bootloader window and it will give you specific directions that must be followed precisely. Not turn off the iPhone. Now click “next” again. The iPhone will restart in DFU mode. Now hold down the home and power buttons together and reconnect the USB cable. Keep holding down the home button but turn loose of the power button. Keep holding the home button until the iPhone comes on in DFU mode. The Redsnow app will go ahead and unlock the iPhone.

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