How to Unlock iPad 2

If you have forgotten the password you used to protect your device you will need to know how to unlock iPad 2 in order to continue using the device. If you try to put your code into the device too many times, you will automatically be locked out. You may need to use the following instructions several times! The iPad is similar in operation to the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You can learn how to unlock the device and it will only take you seconds to unlock when you have learned how. After unlocking the device you will have access to all your applications (apps).

Find the button for ‘home’ somewhere near the center at the bottom of the device. Press the button once and the screen should light up. You will see a scrollbar on the side that says ‘slide to unlock’. Place your finger atop this bar and slide your finger to the right along the bar. You should hear the iPad unlock and the home screen you chose will appear. This should successfully unlock your device. Should that fail you will have to go online to find an app or instructions on unlocking the device if you have forgotten the code.

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